Believe It or Not! ”Pro Tools 9 works with any sound card”

Posted: 23/11/2010 in AV-Industry
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Pro Tools has long been one of the most used audio applications. There is now an industry standard that most major studios are working on Pro Tools,  for example the hit movie Avatar used Pro Tools HD to record the sound tracks.

Pro Tools 9 released and it will compatible with any sound card/Audio interface!. As long as your sound card supports Asio or Core Audio so it will work with Pro Tools 9. You also need a computer with at least Mac OS X 10.6.2 or Windows 7, earlier versions are not supported.

iLok hardware requirement

The news was expected, but no less gratifying. The only hardware required to run Pro Tools 9 is a iLok dongle. Although there may be an annoyance with a dongle, this is a solution that several other manufacturers are working with, among others Steinberg. And rather than a dongle requirement to run the Avid hardware. Avid told that they place on the hardware requirement has been deep, dedicated hardware has long been a part of their business model. But users need choice and risk have been major users leaving Pro Tools as some competing DAW’s at least as skilled as Pro Tools and needs no special hardware.

Twice as many channels

Another limitation that users of the old Pro Tools LE complained long for is the number of available channels. With version 9, Pro Tools supports playback of up to 96 channels simultaneously. Similarly, the number of simultaneous recording channels doubled to 32. And speaking of the LE, with version 9 that there is only one Pro Tools version. However, you can get access to more features and channels if you are using Avid’s hardware.

It cost £504.95 for the basic version and £1679.95 for the Complete Production Toolkit 2. You can get the upgrade (Pro Tools Crossgrade) for £199 if you already own the Digidesign hardware.

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  2. sharath says:

    im new one for this

  3. bright says:

    Pls I want to know more about pro toois sound card. And latest anloge mastering machine thank..

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